Apply for a mortgage with a perspective statement

The labor market is changing. More people are freelancing nowadays than ever before. Also, there are more and more people living on a flexible income. Happily, mortgage providers are playing into this. That’s why it’s possible for people with flexible incomes, like temporary workers, to buy their own home. For this, mortgage providers do need a so-called ‘perspectiefverklaring’ (perspective statement).

What is a perspective statement?

A perspective statement is a special statement from an employment agency. The agency will issue one if it’s to be expected that the temporary worker is able to keep his income at the current level in the years ahead. Besides the employment contract, the agency will look into your education, competences, function, flexibility and position in the labor market, to determine your possible income in the future. To qualify for a perspective statement, the temporary worker must be working via the agency for one full year at the minimum.

Mortgage as a temporary worker? Call Freek!

Are you a temporary worker, or do you have a flexible income one way or the other? And do you want to buy a home? We will look at the best possibilities for you. Come see us at the nearest Freek Hypotheek in your area!


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  • 10 november 2017


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