Changing your mortgage: five reasons to act now

A lot of people with mortgages, especially old mortgages, are not satisfied with the deal they’ve got. Not surprisingly, because the mortgage interest rates are much lower now than they were in the past. What’s more, a lot of mortgages have savings and investment policies that haven’t lived up to their promises. So, it’s time for action. Five reasons why this is the perfect time to meet with Freek.

1. Take advantage of low rates

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the mortgage interest rates are at historical lows. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, but we pretty much have the feeling the rates will not get a whole lot lower than this. So take advantage of it!

2. Savings and investment policies don’t deliver

A lot of people still have savings and investment policies attached to their mortgage. After years of economic downturn, we’re on the upswing again. As a result, these investment policies finally have good worth again. This makes it interesting to commute this policy now, before lesser times come around again. Savings policies are much less interesting now because of the low interest rates. That’s also an inducement to look for possibilities to buy them off and change your mortgage plan.

3. Quitting savings and investment policies is easier now

Do you have a savings or investment mortgage? Since April 1, 2017, it’s easier to quit them for lowering your mortgage debt. Before this date, people who paid off their mortgage at a faster rate, had to pay income tax over the amount that was saved or invested: 40.8 or 52 percent of the savings or investment profits. This tax has been abolished, on the condition that the mortgage will be lowered with the profits of the savings and investment policies.

4. Twice the fun: lower rates and a lower mortgage debt

At the moment, your mortgage can be made much cheaper by changing it. Especially when changing your mortgage means a lower interest rate, and using the value of your savings and investment policies to lower your mortgage debt. Banks often reward lowering the mortgage debt by offering a lower interest rate. You will benefit significantly!

5. Freek takes care of your mortgage

For a lot of home owners, changing the mortgage is a step worth taking. Be sure to get good advice about all possibilities. At Freek, we are more than happy to help you improving your mortgage and lowering your monthly payments. And many times, the amount of money people save is even more than those online calculations promised.


  • Freek Hypotheek
  • 18 oktober 2017


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