Dual-income earners may get higher mortgage

Starting in 2018, two-income earners may be able to borrow more when buying a home, according to a draft ordinance from the Dutch Department of Finance. The second (or lowest) income may count for up to 70 percent when applying for a mortgage.

A larger part of the income will count for dual-income earners

Last year, the percentage was already raised from 50 to 60 percent. The proposition is part of the yearly evaluation of the rules determining how much home buyers are allowed to borrow on the basis of their income. The increase is not definitive. New norms are expected to be sent to the legislature at the end of October 2017.

Mortgage cap

At this moment in The Netherlands, people can borrow up to 101 percent of the value of the home. In 2018, this percentage will drop to 100 percent. The value of the home thus determines the maximum amount home buyers will be able to borrow.


  • Freek Hypotheek
  • 20 september 2017


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