A mortgage without permanent contract

Buying a house is not always easy for flex workers or someone with a temporary contract. What are the possibilities? And what should you pay attention to? Freek lists this for you and is happy to help you calculate your maximum mortgage.

Mortgage with a temporary contract

With a temporary contract you often have a good chance of a mortgage. If you have a contract for a specified period, but you are eligible for a permanent contract, you can ask your employer for a declaration of intent. With this, your employer indicates that – without changes in your performance and within the company – you will receive a permanent contract following this contract. With this statement you will get a mortgage sooner than without.

Do you not have a declaration of intent?

Then the bank looks at your average gross annual income from the last three calendar years. For example, if you have earned € 22,000, € 30,000, and € 18,000, then the average is € 23,000. However, because the last calendar year was lower, that amount is taken as the starting point.

Mortgage as a temporary worker

Do you work as a temporary employee via, for example, Randstand or Tempo-Team? Then you can request a statement of employment prospects. The bank will then not only include your income in the calculation of your maximum mortgage, but also your job prospects. You are eligible for a statement of employment prospects if you have been working for at least one year from the same employment agency.

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