Buying a first home

Are you a starter and are you going to buy your first home? That’s great, and also exciting. But what is involved? On the basis of a checklist, Freek explains step by step what you need to pay attention to.

1. Renting or buying?

Are you already sure that you want to buy a house or are you still in doubt? Every situation is different. That’s why it is extremely important to know what is sensible to do in your situation. Check here the pros and cons of renting and buying.

2. What is your maximum mortgage?

Before you buy a home, it is important to know what your maximum mortgage is. That of course depends on your income. Calculate here online how much mortgage you can get.

3. What kind of house do you want?

It is important to find out what kind of house you are looking for. Are you looking for an apartment or are you going for a one-family home? Do you start the house hunt by, for example, searching online on a website such as Funda or do you contact an estate agent’s office?

4. Which type of mortgage do you choose?

There are various types of mortgage. Think of an annuity mortgage, linear mortgage, interest-only mortgage and savings mortgage. The difference between these types of mortgage is mainly due to the repayment method. Your monthly payments also differ per mortgage type. Freek is happy to advise on which type of mortgage suits you best.

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