I’m expecting an addition to the family

Exciting, you’re having a child! That means that your life will look different. So it’s then wise to review your financial situation. Freek has put together a handy checklist with questions you can ask yourself.

1. What does a baby actually cost?

If you have a child, you incur additional costs. Not only for the purchase of baby items and the maintenance of your child, but also for childcare and education. It’s useful to make an overview of the expected costs. Don’t forget to include child benefit and any other allowances!

2. Do we have enough room for our child?

You also have to think about the baby’s room. Do you have enough space for this? Or are you considering altering or even moving?

3. Is one of us going to work less when the baby’s around?

Often one of the parents starts working less once the baby has been born. We understand that; of course you want to enjoy your child as much as possible! But we think it’s important that you think carefully about the financial consequences of working less. For example, is that still possible with your current mortgage? And what if one of the partners passes away unexpectedly? Can the remaining partner also pay the monthly mortgage payments alone?

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