To remortgage or not?

Many people with a mortgage that has been running for some time are not satisfied with that. That makes sense, because the mortgage interest was much higher until a few years ago. Because the interest rate is still very low, you can often make your mortgage cheaper by remortgaging it. Freek is happy see if you can also benefit from this.

Is it advantageous to remortgage?

For many people it can be attractive to refinance their (savings based) mortgage. You then take out a new mortgage with better conditions than your current mortgage. Freek Hypotheek is happy to help you improve your mortgage and reduce your monthly payments. The saving is usually larger than expected on the basis of online calculations.

How much penalty interest do you have to pay?

If you refinance your mortgage, you must pay a penalty interest. That is the compensation that you pay as a homeowner to your mortgage provider for lost income. The amount of the penalty depends on various factors. Wondering how much penalty interest you have to pay and whether it is smart in your situation to remortgage? Our consultants are happy to advise you.

Do you want to refinance your mortgage?

In addition to refinancing, interest rate averaging can also be a good move. Make an appointment at a Freek branch in your area. We will then discuss the options.

Would you like personal advice?

Ask your question online or make an appointment at our office.