Renting or buying?

When you’re a starter, you’re faced with the choice between renting or buying. Are you uncertain about whether to rent or buy? Both have their pros and cons. What you can do best depends on your situation. Do you want to know what’s sensible to do? Read below the advantages and disadvantages of renting and buying or let Freek advise you on what is most advantageous in your situation.


The advantages
✓ It’s flexible – you can often cancel the rent in the short term
✓ Costs for maintenance and repairs are for the landlord 
✓ Maybe you’re eligible for a housing benefit
✓ You are not obliged to take out a home insurance policy

The disadvantages
✗  You’re dependent on the housing supply of landlords
✗  The rent can rise every year
✗  You don’t build up any capital
✗  If you renovate and your home becomes more valuable, then that’s an advantage for the landlord


The advantages
Wider choice of property
You own the property once your mortgage has been repaid
You can renovate the way you want, and this often makes your home worth more
No unforeseen rising monthly charges

The disadvantages
Costs for maintenance and repairs are for your own account
You pay extra taxes and levies
The value of your house can fall

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